Classic Flavors

These ice cream flavors have been around for a long time, representing popular favorites and our heritage. Head over to your nearest Baskin Robbins and see why these delicious flavor varieties have remained timeless!

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint flavored ice cream with lots of chocolate chips.

Jamoca™ Almond Fudge

Our Jamoca™ coffee ice cream with roasted almonds and a rich chocolate fudge ribbon.

Pistachio Almond

Pistachio ice cream with lots of roasted almonds.

Pralines n’ Cream

Vanilla flavored ice cream with praline-coated pecan pieces and a caramel ribbon.

Peanut Butter n’ Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream with a chunky peanut butter ribbon.

Chocolate Chip

Vanilla flavored ice cream with lots of bittersweet chocolate chips.

Very Berry Strawberry

Strawberry ice cream with real strawberries.


Vanilla ice cream made with fresh cream and real vanilla.

Gold Medal Ribbon™

Vanilla flavored and chocolate ice creams with a caramel ribbon.

Chocolate Mousse Royale™

Milk chocolate mousse ice cream sprinkled with chocolate flavored flakes.

World Class Chocolate™

A tempting mix of white chocolate flavored and milk chocolate mousse ice creams.

Cookies n’ Cream

Vanilla flavored ice cream with lots of cream filled chocolate cookie chunks throughout.

Hokey Pokey

White chocolate ice cream with crunchy honeycomb candy pieces and a caramel ribbon.

Rainbow Sherbet

Orange, pineapple, and raspberry flavored sherbets all mixed up in a rainbow of fruity flavor.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Vanilla flavored ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate flavored chips.


Our extra rich chocolate ice cream.

Cotton Candy

A swirl of pink and purple cotton candy flavored ice creams.

Love Potion #31

White chocolate and raspberry flavored ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon, chocolate flavored chips, and raspberry-filled hearts.

Strawberry Cheesecake

A rich cheesecake flavored ice cream with cheesecake pieces and a ribbon.

Scoops of Joy

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